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Our dream is: A world in which righteousness and sustainability are key.

We believe that everyone can contribute to the worldwide movement for a poverty-free world in which there are opportunities for everyone. Our main focus is on stimulating processes of change, and our main target group is Dutch society. The aim of all our activities is to involve people in the vital task of achieving sustainable development for all. By pointing out what can be done, Oikos encourages politicians and other individuals to act. We do this by campaigning, lobbying, organising conferences and producing informative materials, backed up by research into the causes of poverty.

Although Oikos’s main focus is on Dutch society, we also work with international organisations around the globe on a number of projects. Oikos has launched several national Dutch campaigns in support of international campaigns.

Together we can – Change is possible


Warning: we are  NOT offering jobs in the construction sector. More information can be found here.